ZA Imballaggio quartiere generale


ZA Packaging ( was founded by the merger of the business units’ of two packaging experts Zabilloni Vetroproduzione (main player of the glass Packaging) and Megatronics Packaging Division (The metallic packaging supplier) to create an entity that is close to both markets with a strict follow of its motivating slogan: (Always.. [ON TIME!]).

Since its foundation ZA Packaging has a growing influence in the glass and metal packaging domains. And by creating strategic partnerships with certain manufacturers  of supplementary products in several geographical locations; ZA Packaging is making an extensive approach to more emerging markets for best services and presence.

Our headquarters, sited at Fisciano, not far from Salerno, occupies, with our primary commercial units, more than 12.000 square meters of covered structures and 30.000 square meters of open areas.